Our hosts for whom the well-being is translated by the practice of physical exercises, can have the pleasure to use our 100m ² fitness center. Our fitness center is at the top of interior design and technology, only equipped with installations top of the range for cardio training and for muscular strengthening.



With view on the lagoon of “Trou d’eau”

Swimming pool with soft curves plunging in the ocean, a design and friendly bar area, palm trees in rows and exotic flowers, deckchairs and parasols for a shaded nap, tropical gardens marked out by endemic essences and by ponds… Every space was thought to offer you a paradisiac panorama and an optimal comfort while respecting the fantastic environment of the site.



A 45 minutes courses, allying dynamic and playful work. In our beautiful infinity-edge pool with unique view of the lagoon of “Trou d’eau”, this course of aquaerobics is going improve your well-being.
You will request all the muscles of your body in a smoothly but tonic way. The water will be the only resistance which we will use. This course is ideal even for people having articular or other physical problems.
You are going to tone up, firm up, sculpture and massage your body, while amusing yourself. Allying tonic effect, sweetness, and bronzing, facing the beach, this course will be an ideal ally of your holidays.



Padel is a sport of racket derived from the tennis, played on a smaller court, surrounded by walls and by wire nettings. The scoring method is the same that in tennis and uses balls that have a slightly lower pressure. It is only played in double and the service is only done by spoon service. The biggest difference with tennis, however, is that the ball can be played after it bounces on a walls or on the wire netting, in a similar way that in squash.


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