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Welcome to Akoya Hôtel & Spa
The Indian Ocean Pearl… Reunion Island..
Heure locale

Are you looking for somewhere unique where you can recharge your batteries – somewhere combining luxury and nature?

A truly amazing place to hold professional seminars?

A romantic and gastronomic cocoon for a lovers’ getaway?

A multifaceted hotel for unforgettable family holidays?

A pleasant place to stay while you explore the wonders of our magnificent island?

Like a journey within a journey, the AKOYA Hôtel***** & Spa invites you to come and explore the very essence of Reunion Island, in all its natural beauty and its cultural diversity, within a sublime setting dedicated to comfort, well-being and relaxation.

Welcome to our world.




Our hotel is pleased to welcome disabled persons.

T : +262 (0) 262 61 61 62

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